‘Passion’…another black pen sketch



Trying Digital Art …

I am getting my hands on some digital art. Creating abstract art using various soft wares mainly Photoshop and my previously clicked photos with my DSLR 🙂 . Its something new to me and really fun too !!! 🙂


Old work using Oil-pastels..

Working with crayons and oil-pastels is always fun for me. They are so easy to blend in the colurs. Whenever I get time I grab the box of crayons n pastels (if I am not sketching with pen…dats my favourite 🙂  ) n start blending the colors ! n the result is here in less time! Here’s the collage of my old work.


Lord Ganesha- Acrylics on canvas


Painted ganesha on canvas…After sketches n doodles I just came back to my favourite style…abstracts in warm colours 🙂

I used acrylics medium which gave it smooth soft finish…looks cool in spot light in my living room…


Ganesha Painting_ by Samiksha


My first try for “Coffee Painting”

SAM_2248I tried coffee painting…and it just fascinated me..!! Coffee is such a wonderful medium to work with which gives extraordinary “antique” effect to paintings…Just we need Coffee powder, water ,brush and your power of “imagination” 🙂

This one is an abstract of a lady painted with coffee….


Abstracts depicting Woman’s Beauty!

It is amazing that “Abstract Art” give us the way to present natural beauty in its abstract form…
Here I have tried the two woman abstracts that are symbolized and I think they are conveying woman beauty…