Another Zendoodle Ganesha



Another Zendoodle :)

I just love zendoodles…In my previous post I shared some of them..Coloured zendoodle and Ganesha…

(made this one while my kid was playing with his cars and I was just exited to do the doodle) Here is the result in 15 minutes!!….:) SAM_2247


Expression of the imagination …

Art provide a means to express the imagination in non-grammatic ways that are not tied to the formality of spoken or written language. Unlike words, which come in sequences and each of which have a definite meaning, art provides a range of forms, symbols and ideas with meanings that are maleable.

  • “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.” -Albert Einstein

3 Abstracts on Canvas (Im painting!..Im painting again!!)

Though, I m not the master but I sure do love to draw n paint!  There’s something about the act of drawing n painting that’s so immediate, intentional and strong. When I paint, I frequently have only a very vague idea or sometimes — no idea at all — of what I am searching for in the new work.

I have used vibrant poster colours on canvas and have these abstracts on it.

2 more abstract pencil sketches

Abstract is awesome because there are no wrong answers.

I’m not too good with traditional Art; I have no classical training or patience to try and learn (more on that later). But abstract is perfect for me- I get to do whatever I want.

The internet gave me a definition so I’ll share it with y’all. It’s a definition for children but I think it gets the job done:

“Abstract artists felt that paintings did not have to show only things that were recognizable. In their paintings they did not try to show people, animals, or places exactly as they appeared in the real world. They mainly used color and shape in their paintings to show emotions. Some Abstract art is also called non-objective art. In non-objective art, you do not see specific objects. It is not painted to look like something specific.”

I know that a lot of people may disagree but I think for the most part abstract Art is so self-expressive that classical training does not really come in to play and technical aspects are not as scrutinized.