Ganpati Pen Sketch

Doodling is defined as the following – a foolish activity, to scribble idly or aimlessly, to waste time! But I enjoy this more besides its serious defination.

I doodled this sketch Lord Ganesh with a bright RED n BLACK fine point pen last Saturday! This category is similar to “Red Black Abstract” in one of my previous blogs.


2 thoughts on “Ganpati Pen Sketch

  1. Hi Samiksha,
    I like this work of yours. I have been looking for a nice pencil sketch of ganapathi and found this one. I hope you are okay with me taking some ideas out of this one.( Not planning to use it anywhere other than for personal purposes).

  2. Hi Samiksha, While I was searching for pencil sketches came across your blog.. Your posts are awesome.. I love to paint and draw as well.. but I lack ideas.. Your blog is a big inspiration to me 🙂 Thanks.. Plz post some more..

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